We create tools for the the revolution after the television

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we are users, like you, for years we have been using, creating, performing, distributing and re-selling other people's hardware and software.

and yet the Apple platform is great and computers are the state of art of technology, we never found the right set of applications for us. so we decided to build our own pieces of software, but outside in, because we are content creators and users, not engineers or computer nerds, we think first what the software need to do, second how to simplify the use to the maximum, where no user manual is needed and third we look for and build the technology needed to goal that idea.

we always have seen a big gap between the cost of the software and the utility of these pieces of software. maybe sounds as cliché but we want to create affordable tools for the video creatives and the content creators to distribute and spread their content online, on traditional broadcast or a live event or performance


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We are an international team mostly working on-line from several locations around the world.

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