We create tools for the the revolution after the television


The Looper! ToolBox is a video playback  and sequencing application over any video  output including features found only on extremely expensive solutions.

Looper! is the app you need for your venues and events. Simply load the playlist, set up the trigger mode and you're ready to rock.

Adjust Color, Geometry and Keystone to use any TV, Display or Projector at any position to do professional presentations, conferences, News playout, digital scenography, digital signage, Rock concerts, video art, video installations, ... or your private parties.


Toolbox if the first of our interfaces for the Looper build over our Arcalis Engine

Works with DVI, HDMI, MiniDisplayPort or SDI* outputs to deliver your videos to any home or professional device.

All the Looper! Interface is designed with the stress of the live events in mind. Big clocks and counters, visible info all the time, SAFE mode to ensure no accidental manipulation or keystroke will interrupt the show

*SDI output requires an external device such as AJA's ROI or HA5, Roland VC-1HS or VC-1DL, Blackmagics DVI Extender  or a video switcher with HDMI input such Roland V-1HD or Blackmagic ATEM

Drag and Drop expandable playlist.

The eye-catching shaped interface allows you to have a clear vision of your desktop and drag your clips directly to the playlist.

Collapse or expand your playlist for a complete  clip name view.
Select one or multiple clips and reorder your playlist with a drag of a mouse even with the  Looper! playing.

Select your default trigger mode from a choice of NEXT (automatically plays the clip)  and just click over the playlist if you need to modify