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The Arcalis Engine

The Arcalis Engine is the alma mater of all our applications. Everything we do runs over it: apps, interfaces, plug-ins or custom solutions.

Since 2005 we have been developing our core engine. We actually started with a Quicktime based engine which is still running with some of our custom projects and older applications, but when AV Foundation appeared and after studying the world of powerful possibilities opening in front of us, we decided to start from scratch and re-write from zero our Arcalis Engine to take full advantage of all the capabilities of the new Apple video architecture.

The Arcalis Engine is capable of handling multiple layers of video in real time, on-the-fly adjustment to the aspect ratio of your choice, up/cross/down conversion, graphics overlay, alpha channel raster images, vector graphics, still images, URL streaming, support of professional output devices as AJA and Blackmagic Design, multiple screens, geometrical distortion and transform, real time FX and color correction, image blending for multiple projectors, internal and external triggers, internet data overlay like RSS feeds, Twitter, Facebook, etc... and many things more coming in to the pipe.

So basically all our apps or interfaces, as we like to call them, run over the same engine using the features of The Engine they need to achieve their function whatever is a  play-out for live events, a broadcast automated playout, a multiscreen installation in a commercial centre, a visual play-out solution for rock concerts or VJ’s, or a custom project for a museum or a big corporation.

Interface design is all for us. As users, as people we come from the creative side and Apple users and prescribers since the late 80’s we know the importance of the usability and the “visuability” and this is the reason why have designed several interfaces over the same engine. Instead of having one  mega-clumsy interface with all the functions in there, we have not only created an interface per application, we also have designed different interfaces for the same application, but thinking in different industries and work environments. A play-out is a play-out, but the use, the jargon and the graphical style it’s different form a TV channel, a VJ or the industrial/corporate worlds. The one size fits all does not work for us, so we have an suit for everyone!

The Arcalis Engine
features at a glance

Features supported by our engine, please note that every app will access different features and not all of  them.

Realtime video functions

Multiple layers of video, the hardware is the limit

On the fly aspect ratio adjust to your choice

Up/cross/down conversion

Graphics overlay

Alpha channel raster images compositing

Vector graphics compositing

Still images playback

URL streaming

Realtime processing functions

Multiple Display support

Image blending for multiple projectors

Geometrical distortion and transform

Real time FX and color correction

External & Third Party

Internal and external triggers

Internet data overlay like RSS feeds, Twitter, Facebook, etc...

Custom made news tickers with remote management

Blackmagic ATEM external triggering

AJA Ki Pro remote

Atomos Ninja & Samurai remote

Professional third party playback hardware supported.

AJA: T-TAP, KONA, Io XT, Io Express, Io 4K, OEM boards.

Blackmagic Design: Decklink, Intensity and UltraSudio.

Hardware requirements

The Arcalis Engine performance relays directly on your hardware configuration, specially over the graphics card. The more powerful and fine tuned is your Mac, The Engine will allow you doing more things.

We have tested our engine over many Mac models, and all the 2010 and newer perform good. Obviously the better CPU the better performance and more realtime features.

On the  Macbooks we have found that graphic boards like the NVIDIA GeForce 9400M or older perform poorly and the following models with the NVIDIA GeForce 320 and better perform ok.